Antigym® Thérèse Bertherat method

Teacher: Sonu

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Antigym® or Antigymastique® is a body work method developed by French physiotherapist Thérèse Bertherat in the 1970s. Its popularity has spread outside of France as Antigym practitioners have brought the method across the world, particularly to South America and Europe.

When you make contact with a certified Antigymnastique practitioner, you are assured of dealing with a competent and qualified professional whose work is true to the method developed by Thérèse Bertherat.

After completing their training over a two year period, certified Antigymnastique practitioners sign an Agreement in which they commit to continuing their education to maintain their practice, which is also an art, to the highest level. Practitioners’ license certificates, granted since 2001, are updated on a yearly basis.

Antigym® is practiced in small groups in a silent, bright and comfortable room.


Movements! Movements that are simple, different, novel, and fun!

For example, moving the toes, sticking the tongue out, or rotating the eyes. Or, standing with the feet together, heels touching and big toes touching, trying to rotate the knees out without bending them.

All the movements are extremely respectful of everyone’s body and physiology. These apparently simple movements deeply impact the musculature.


Stage 1: A kind of test to determine your limits.

The practitioner asks you to adopt a specific, demanding, and strict position. This anatomically correct position requires that your musculature possesses its natural length. It is a position that no one ever assumes; rather, it is a position that everyone always avoids.

To be able to hold this position, your body does what it does naturally, but this time, something becomes obvious: it twists and contorts. One of your shoulders lift, one of your legs move sideways, your toes twist. Why? Not because, as is often thought, your muscles are weak, but because they are rendered powerless by excessive force.

A super strong muscle group that causes you to fold in half, that cuts your breath, and that, clearly, prevents you from following the orders given by your brain. This is something that you can no longer ignore.

Stage 2 : In the second part of the class, you access each of your muscular knots,

To better sense the effects of a movement, you can start by working with one side of your body. This allows you to sense the subtle differences with the other side, the side that has yet to work. The side of the body that has worked suddenly seems much more comfortable, alive, present, at ease. Your only desire? “ To do ” the other side!

And after ? Slowly, little by little, you patiently start to unravel the complicated knots of your musculature. Class after class, your body progressively learns to free itself. It relaxes and regains its true height, its natural beauty, and its inner peace.


Comfortable pants and top, preferably made of natural fibers (cotton, wool, etc.). The feet are bare. It is recommended that you remove jewelry, watches, glasses, contact lenses, and anything that prevents freedom of movement.